Complete delivery

A global sports media service, sponsorship and digital agency

In addition to media rights and production acquisition, FC DIEZ MEDIA provides general consulting services, digital strategy, sponsorship and licensing advice for all CONMEBOL club competitions providing them with the best tools to successfully implement their commercial program in a new and incomparable way in the current market.


Quality and persistent search for innovation

Composed of 18 professionals, FC DIEZ MEDIA’s Digital department produces content for all CONMEBOL club competitions. In addition to two websites, an app and a podcast, 26 social media profiles in four languages (Spanish, Portuguese, English and Arabic) are produced.  Because of its quality and constant search for innovation, the content produced by the agency is a benchmark in the Latin American sports industry.

FC DIEZ MEDIA Productions

‘A Glória Eterna’, silver medal at Cinefoot 2020

FC DIEZ MEDIA’s digital department is also responsible for producing long-form video content. In the last two seasons, for example, the campaigns of the CONMEBOL Libertadores champions (Flamengo and Palmeiras) have been turned into miniseries of four episodes each, both titled ‘A Glória Eterna’ (Eternal Glory). The first edition, based on Flamengo’s title, won an award at Cinefoot 2020 (silver medal) and was a finalist in the Best of the Year 2020 awards, Digital Activation category, on Máquina do Esporte’s website.

Exclusive content

Exclusive service and continent-wide coverage

Among all the content that feeds the 26 social media profiles in four languages, exclusive and special content such as Gre-Nal films and all CONMEBOL club competition Finals are highlights of the delivered content. Presentations of the host cities of the most important matches, exclusive service to sponsors and extensive coverage across the continent, among many others, also stand out as important deliveries.

Marketing & Sales

Global & regional expertise with top international sponsorship programs

A Marketing and Sales team which boasts global and regional expertise in working with top international sports sponsorship programs. Our team develops and implements a 360° sponsorship platform, focused on leveraging the value of the CONMEBOL Club competitions. A 100% dedicated Account Management team, servicing global brands and understanding their business objectives, and how to best explore their association with CONMEBOL properties. Support to sponsors and CONMEBOL with a strategic expert consulting approach, based on bespoke recommendations and the development of innovative activation ideas. World-class sponsorship implementation, focused on helping clients achieve brand objectives and business results. A Business Intelligence area which supports all Marketing & Sales efforts, dedicated to track and generate new sources of Sponsorship ROI value and audience tracking.