‘La Gloria Eterna’, honored with silver medal at Cinefoot 2020

‘La Gloria Eterna’, honored with silver medal at Cinefoot 2020

The miniseries produced by FC DIEZ MEDIA on the title of Flamengo, second most voted feature film in the Festival’s Competitive Exhibition

The film version of ‘La Glória Eterna’, the six-part mini-series produced by FC DIEZ MEDIA that told the story of Flamengo’s 2019 CONMEBOL Libertadores title, received the second most votes in the Long-form documentary competition at Cinefoot 2020, the annual football documentary festival.

Voting wrapped up on November 27th, with the vote open to all and available on the digital platform that showed all films selected by Cinefoot – with this year’s edition online. ‘La Glória Eterna’ was surpassed in the voting only by “50 Anos do Tri”, which was chosen as the best long-form documentary.

Two other CONMEBOL Libertadores productions, ‘23/11, Glória Eterna for Flamengo’ and ‘Gre-Nal da América – The Film’, also participated in Cinefoot 2020, both in the short-form category.

The six episodes of ‘La Glória Eterna’ are available on the CONMEBOL Libertadores YouTube page.



Duration: 2:06, divided into six episodes
Realization: CONMEBOL
Executive Production: FC DIEZ MEDIA

General Direction and Script: Ricardo Taves
Script and Project: Thiago Salata, Thiago Rocha e Marcio Porto
Director of Production: Adriano Esteves
Soundtrack: Sain