In the Veins of the CONMEBOL Libertadores

In the Veins of the CONMEBOL Libertadores

Historically, the CONMEBOL Libertadores hasn’t been limited by the field of play. The Copa features stadiums, cities, and especially the supporters, who generally make the difference all across the continent. In the first week of the Group Stage, The Gloria Eterna was in La Paz, Bolivia, beginning a project whose objective is to showcase the magic of fighting for the title. In Matchweek two, it visited Buenos Aires, Argentina, while last week saw it in Medellín, Colombia. 

The objective is to retrace the competition’s mystique alongside the diversity, innovations and interactions of each city’s streets and traditional clubs. Each week, a new country is visited, with new stories, curiosities and notable moments featured. As well, the CONMEBOL Libertadores trophy tours the main points of each chosen city. 

Managed by FC Diez Media, the Twitter and Instagram accounts of the Gloria Eterna also feature a fixed schedule of content, with plenty of photos and videos, featuring historic stadiums, tributes to current and former players and managers, interviews with champions, interactive challenges with supporters, and much more. 

The agency features a Digital team with offices in São Paulo, Brazil and Buenos Aires, Argentina. Nearly 30 people produce content that consists of live coverage, interviews, podcasts, videocasts, live shows, documentaries, Content Days, print and digital magazines, exclusive photos and videos from matches and much more. 

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