FC Diez Media organizes Cocktail at the Copacabana Palace

FC Diez Media organizes Cocktail at the Copacabana Palace

FC Diez Media organized their first cocktail prior to a Libertadores Final, hosting IMG, CONMEBOL and commercial partners (broadcasters, licensees and official sponsors). The event, which was attended by the main parties involved with making the Final at the Maracanã an unforgettable moment for football lovers, was held at the Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro. 

“The cocktail was a great opportunity to reflect about the commercial agendas with the clients and their expectations and feedback from a year full of activations, highlighted by the largest media distribution in the history of CONMEBOL’s Club Competitions and the most optimal exploration of its commercial assets”, explained Pedro Visconti, FC Diez’s Brazil Country Manager. “Choosing the Copacabana Palace was not by chance. It’s an emblematic place, intrinsically linked to the history of great events and celebrations in Rio de Janeiro. The event had an unmatched impact and without a doubt will be on the annual agenda of FC Diez Media during the week of each CONMEBOL Libertadores Final going forward.” 

FC Diez Media has managed the social media platforms and the commercialization of broadcast, sponsorship and licensing rights pertaining to all CONMEBOL Club Competitions since 2019. 

Photo: Daniel Martins Fernandes

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