Commercial and Sponsorship teams in Brazil

Commercial and Sponsorship teams in Brazil

FC Diez Media’s Commercial and Sponsorship teams, alongside the South American football confederation (CONMEBOL), completed an important set of events in Brazil. Maria Barbera, Department head, Katherine Pimienta and Vinicius Azevedo, Sr. Commerical Managers, Enrique Gimenez, Sponsorship Account Executive, and Diego Alfieri, Finance Director, were with TCL and Mastercard Brasil in São Paulo. Nibaldo Benavente, Commerical and Sponsorship Manager and María José Guex, Brand Manager, represented CONMEBOL in the meetings. 

With Mastercard, there was a meeting and a visit to the company’s space at Shopping Light, an iconic building in the centre of the city, while a launch event was held with the Chinese multinational’s full portfolio, complete with a showroom, where the company’s partnership with the CONMEBOL Libertadores was announced, as well as a workshop with the company’s leaders in the South American market. 

Since 2019, FC Diez Media is the company responsible for the commercialization of CONMEBOL’s prestigious club competitions. 

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